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Hand-made leather straps designed to

showcase your brand

Looking for an exclusive item to add to your merchandise?

Let Gecko Leather Works create a guitar strap, with your unique look and personalized branded logo.

What you can expect from Gecko Leather Works:


Exclusively Handmade 

Our 100% real leather handcrafted guitar straps are made with only the care, creativity, and passion an artisan can provide. As a staff of one, I, craft each strap personally.

Since 2012, I’ve been honored to make 100s of straps for players across the globe.


Highest Quality & Affordable     

We seek out and select the highest quality leather from local and

national tanneries within the U.S.

Several things make our straps stand out:

Each is constructed using two pieces of leather - the average thickness is 3/16”

two-ply leather, with no fillers – our semi-smooth backer allows the guitar to move with the player for comfort and mobility

Polished edges – allows for smooth edges and maximum comfort when

the strap hits your neck

Heavy-duty stitching – no worry about thread fraying

They look great and break in like a good leather belt or pair of shoes over time.


You will get plenty of years of use out of them!


 Our straps are affordable with plenty of room for your profit margin


Unparalleled  Customer Service

When you contact Gecko Leather Works, you deal directly with me, John, the owner.


Together we will work to create your exclusive branded strap.

Whether you have something in mind or don’t know where to start,

I’m happy to offer recommendations.

I pride myself on ensuring each and every customer is not only satisfied

but wowed by the level of quality and craftsmanship delivered. 


If you are dissatisfied, I will always strive to make it right. 

Please contact us for more information or to place your custom order.

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