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Theres nothing worse then getting to a gig, or rehearsal and realizing you forgot picks.

Our Pick Pockets are handmade.
You get one Pick Pocket.

Features a key ring, and include three medium guiar picks.


Choose between Black or Brown(Brown Pick Pockets may vary slightly in color)



Pick Pockets

  • Please read the product description carefully to be sure you understand the item you are purchasing.

    ​We use cowhides purchased from leather suppliers around the United States.
    Some of our favorite suppliers are Tasman Leather Group, Horween Leather, Wickett and Craig, and American Leather Direct.

    ​These hides are shipped straight from the tannery and are considered much more "raw" than leather you might purchase from a department store. This means that your leather product might have scratches, creases, bug bites, stretch marks, etc. If you do not want to see these marks on your leather goods, our products might not be for you. That’s just how REAL leather is.

    ​We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the item prior to purchasing.

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